Urs Boxler


Self portrait
reflected on still water


Urs is an accomplished photographer. He has sold hundreds of framed and un-framed, limited-edition prints, which are displayed in homes and offices in more than a dozen cities in North America, as well as in Japan and Switzerland.

Urs currently lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada and explores the Pacific Northwest coast of North America extensively. He was born and raised in Switzerland, and has lived in Switzerland, Canada, the United States and Australia. Before devoting himself fully to photography, Urs was an information systems consultant and worked for international consulting organizations in Canada, Switzerland and Australia.

His passion for photography started in his teens and that passion has finally become his main occupation. He has travelled widely and never without a camera. The result is a large collection of images from all continents, except Antarctica (one always has to leave something for later).

Urs Boxler Photography - Limited Edition Prints cover many countries, including:

To quote his wife, "Urs does a peculiar photo dance when he sees a picture looming on the horizon or under his feet. He is willing to wait for hours, skipping or delaying breakfast, lunch or dinner until the light is just perfect, and he may climb over any obstacle to get the right angle."


Limited Edition Prints

The images shown on this web site are offered as limited edition prints, in series of 50, 100, or 185, depending on the media and image. A record is kept of each print sold. When the maximum number for a given image is reached, the image will no longer be available. Prints are numbered with the limited edition number; for example 5/100 means print number 5 out of a series of 100.

These images may also become available as art cards, but will not be sold as posters, or for any other commercial purpose.

Image / Print Quality

The images have been carefully selected from thousands of images based on superior layout, clarity, color-balance, and overall impact to the viewer, as well as suitability for blowing up to at least 20 x 30 inches (or 50 x 75 cm). Some images have been produced as large as 40 x 40 inches (102 x 102 cm). The camera equipment used for most images is professional-level Nikon and Hasselblad cameras and lenses.

Standard Photographic Prints

Most of my early prints were produced as standard photographic prints by a professional imaging lab. In 2003 I switched print production entirely over to the much superior and more durable Giclee Prints (see below).

!!!!! Giclee Prints !!!!!

Giclee prints have become increasingly popular with painters and photographers as "THE" medium to use for limited edition prints. A Giclee print is a digitally produced, photographic reproduction of an original painting or photograph. Prints are produced on a sophisticated computer-controlled ink-jet printer. The printer uses six colour-fast, pigment based inks of archival quality with permanence characteristics of over 100 years. This process accurately reproduces millions of colours in a continuous tone printed image.

Giclees are printed on a variety of beautiful, archival quality, fine-art media that provide long term durability. The choice includes: two types of photo-like papers in gloss or matte finish; two types of Arches watercolour paper, textured or smooth; Premium Artist Canvas, a 100% cotton duck, heavy-weight canvas; additionally, there are other super-high-gloss papers available. All of these products are specified with a durability of over 100 years.

All canvas prints are top-coated for durability and don't need to be framed behind glass. The other prints are normally framed behind clear glass for protection. However, top-coating is also available for prints on watercolour paper, if framing without glass is desired.

Regardless of the Giclee's superior durability, all prints should be hung in a suitable, well-lit place, without direct exposure to the sun. Although Giclee prints are more expensive than regular photographic prints, their extended durability and painterly feeling add an extra touch to the walls of your home or office. The extra benefits are well worth the difference in price. Choose water colour paper or canvas if you are looking for something very special.

Giclee prints are produced by Fidelis Printmaking, a high-end Vancouver based fine-art print maker. For more details see: www.fidelisprintmaking.com

About Formats

Prints come in different formats, depending on the original film format used and the cropping done to suit the image. Original images made on 35mm film, such as with Nikon equipment, are 24 x 36 millimeters (about 1 x 1 1/2 inch). Prints made from these images are typically rectangular, but may not be in the same proportions due to cropping chosen by the artist or to suit a particular frame format. For example, the standard frame sizes of 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20 do not fit the full frame image of the above film. Therefore, some cropping is required or non-standard framing must be used.

Images made on medium format film, such as with Hasselblad equipment, are 60 x 60 millimeters (about 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches). Prints made from these images are typically square, but may occasionally be cropped to a rectangular shape, if that is a better match for the image.

Images shown on this web site may have been cropped for display on the web, but may be available as full-frame images, as originally recorded on film, if required. If this is important to you, and if you require a print to be in an exact format, please specify when ordering.

How to View the Portfolio

The best viewing effect is achieved by having the computer display settings set to:
Color = True Color (32bit)
Screen Area = 1024 x 768 pixels,
and by avoiding interference of bright light on the computer display screen.

Additionally, for MS Internet Explorer, select from the menu View / Full Screen to get the maximum screen space available for vertical images.
(To return to normal mode, click on the "Restore" button, the second from the right, in the upper right hand corner.)

How to Navigate

Images are arranged into groups covering specific subject areas. These groups are organized into a menu structure on the home page. From each group page it is possible to view the individual images in a larger format with caption. It is possible to jump directly from group to group within a subject area, without going back to the home page first, using the buttons "Next" or "Previous," or the group numbers.



About Framing

For local customers, prints are also available complete with high quality matting and framing. The framing will be done in Vancouver, BC at Gallery 88 Arts of Kerrisdale. Framing is normally done as follows: For more details about Gallery 88 see: www.gallery88.ca

How to Order

For more information, to order a print or to get a price quote, please send an e-mail    (urs@ursboxlerphotography.com)

I am proud to provide personal service to achieve the best results for your choice of image.


Exhibits of Fine Art Prints

An exhibit of photographic fine-art giclee prints on watercolour paper and canvas was held in October, 2003 at Gallery 88 in Vancouver, BC.

An exhibit of limited edition photographic prints was held in 1988 at Gallery 44 in Vancouver, BC.

Gallery 88, 6247 West Blvd, Kerrisdale, Vancouver generally carries some Urs Boxler prints and can arrange for a wider selection to be made available on location.

Contact and Feedback

If you have any feedback about this web site or any particular image, please send an e-mail     (urs@ursboxlerphotography.com)

Let me know what your favorite image is.