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Ramberg Family from 1732
Family of Ludwig Graf von Breda
Family of Hans August von Seydewitz

Family of Hansen Sather
Family of Herbert Townsley Mason

Family of Thomas English
Family of Davidson Mawhinney, Sr.

Abbreviated Family Tree
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Picture of Major Baron Viktor Ramberg (1828-1906)
Day's Orders for Viktor Johann Ramberg (1828-1906)
Picture of Ottilie W.Ramberg Breda with son Viktor 21 Oct 1869
Picture of Ottilie Baroness von Ramberg Breda with son Viktor May 1872
Picture of sisters Ottilie and Marie Baronesses Ramberg nee Gräfinnen Breda
Profile of Alice Slatin (1873-1921; nee Ramberg) in 1888

Contributions to an Overall Genealogy of the Ramberg Family by Emils Jörns (in German)
Ramberg Family from Genealogische Handbuch des Adels

Description of Slatin Family Crest

Canadian Rambergs

Victor Robert Ludwig Georg Ramberg (1869-1943) Short Biography
Viktor Ramberg (1869-1943) Photograph
Alice Ramberg (1903-1986) Birth Certificate
Alice Ramberg (1903-1986) Vaccination Certificate
Victor Otto Ramberg (1907-1983) Biography
Ca 1925 L-R: Alice Brereton, Lila Jones [later Bates], Vera Ramberg, Louis Sather,[unknown]; workers at Gleichen Telephone Co.
Wax Profile of a Woman, probably a Ramberg
Picture of Canadian Family (Four Generations) 1984: Robert, Alice Sather (1903-1986; nee Ramberg), David, Nancy

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