How to Buy Photographs

What Is for Sale?

All images are for sale. Selected images are sold only in Limited Editions in the form of Giclee Prints.
Others are sold as open edition images for various commercial purposes.
Some images are available directly through an on-line store "ImageKind," see below.
For special orders and inquiries please contact Urs Boxler by e-mail at

What Are Giclee Prints?

A Giclee Print is printed digitally with a high resolution, state-of-the-art ink-jet printer using
pigment-based inks on archival-quality, acid-free media. The result is a fine-art print of true archival
quality and durability, which is fade resistant for decades when displayed under normal indoor circumstances
without exposure to direct sunlight. Prints can be produced on a variety of paper stock or on canvas.

Canvas prints have a protective coating and they can be displayed framed or unframed, without a protective glass.
Paper prints with protective coating can be framed without glass.
Paper prints without protective coating should be framed with clear glass.

How to Buy from the On-line Store?

ImageKind is an internet-based Art Store that sells framed and unframed Prints and Canvasses,
as well as greeting cards. To visit the Urs Boxler portfolio at ImageKind click here.

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Last Updated: February 11, 2011
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