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Kinder Morgan has filed an application to the National Energy Board (NEB)
to significantly expand the capacity of its Transmountain Pipeline
in order to ship diluted bitumen originating in the tar sands of Alberta
for export to Asian markets. This would require many more supertankers
to ply the waters of BC from the loading terminal on the inside of the
Second Narrows bridge, through Vancouver's inner harbour, out through First Narrows,
through English Bay, then south in the Salish Sea, then wind its way through
Boundary Pass, Haro Strait and the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the open sea on the west
coast of Vancouver Island, then up along Vancouver Island along a great circle route
to Asia. - Too many places to be endangered by a catastrophic oil spill.

"My Letter of Comment to the Joint Review Panel"

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Under the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project an 1177 kilometer twin pipeline would be built to run
from Alberta, across the Rocky Mountains and the British Columbia coastal mountains to a terminal
at Kitimat, on the BC north coast. The pipeline would carry diluted bitumen originating in the
tar sands of Alberta for export to Asian markets. Supertankers would transport the product at a
rate of 250 per year through the narrow channels and reefs out to the open sea through the
most beautiful area of the Great Bear Rainforest.

"A Perfect Scenario for a Horrible Environmental Disaster"

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The Joint Review Panel of the National Energy Board has recommended that the project should go ahead,
while openly admitting that: “…no party could guarantee that a large spill would not occur.”

"A Critical Analysis of the Joint Review Panel's Recommendations"

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"Pipeline Blues"

This is a song written and performed by Barry Truter and friends in protest against this Project.
Photography by Urs Boxler.

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